Welcome to my NOT SO wonderful world of Lyme disease...

I am here to offer a little hope to Lyme disease sufferers worldwide. 

I've suffered at the hands of Lyme disease for around 20 years.





It's been anvery long and difficult road.

I've had many battles with this debilitating disease.

BUT I'm happy to say I'm now winning the war

and I'm more than happy to share my jorney... 

my Lyme story,

the facts about Lyme

and of course (prevention of the disease) tick removal!

Hi, My name is Lisa Vallo and I have had chronic Lyme disease for around 20 years (undiagnosed for 15 of those years!)

My story in the national newspapers 2017 which then went global!

Hello folks,

To cut a very long story very short, I have had chronic Lyme disease around 20 years (15 of those years undiagnosed).  It's known as chronic Lyme disease due to the length of time suffered. I have been extremely ill, to the point of being bedridden and thinking the end was nigh!  It's been awful, in fact it's been hideously horrendous.  My global press and TV coverage has helped create awareness of this extremely misdiagnosed disease and I will continue to shout about it until the world is educated.

Once diagnosed (16 years into the illness) via Armin Labs in Germany, I tried finding treatment on the NHS and then privately, both to no avail. Realising there was no help for me out there, I took matters into my own hands with regards to educating myself and trying to recover from chronic Lyme disease.  I realised this would be an up hill battle but what choice did I have? It was do or die - that's exactly how I felt!  I was a single parent and had no intention of leaving my children just yet!  On this journey of discovery I realised that the most important measure anyone alive could take was that of prevention.  Successful tick removal is paramount to not actually catching this potentially fatal illness in the first place.  Hence The TickTool!  I've removed hundereds of ticks of all sizes from dogs, cats and rabbits with this tool.  Initially I tried various other types of removal gadgets but couldn't get to grips with any of them, they just weren't as easy, accurate and as swift to use.  This little TickTool is in my opinion the only way to remove a tick.  It will even grab hold of the tiny nymph ticks, they're the size of a poppy seed (these are the ones that are more likely to spread the disease as they move quickly like a spider from animal/grass to human flesh - that's how I was bitten), but also they easily remover the large engorged, fat and full of blood ticks equally as well...yak!

Anyway, after an awful lot of research (and I mean an awful lot) I started treating myself holistically about 4 years ago and I haven't looked back.  

From being bedridden, feeling like I had been drugged each morning with sleeping pills, unable to work and unable to take care of my children,  I now have a full and active life again within a few short years of starting my treatment.  I now have hope for a bright and healthy future. I want to share the hope, and due to massive popular demand I'm more than happy to share the details of my road to recovery with anyone who wants to know.  

My head is swimming with information on the subject of Lyme disease nowadays and I have to share it which is the main reason I set up this website.  I am passionate about educating people on the perils of the tick, which is basically a blood sucking spider that mainly comes into our lives on the backs of our pets or whilst out walking in the park and woodlands.

I have sufferers contacting me on a daily basis from all over the world asking me how I got better, after seeing my various national and international press articles.  I have been overwhelmed be the shear volume of people suffering from this most misunderstood and misdiagnosed illness.  Most sufferers of this disease are still misdiagnosed due to the acuracy of our NHS testing, I'll explain all later.

I don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all treatment due to the nature of the illness and it's complexities but from the information I have gathered from chatting to hundreds if not thousands of Lyme sufferers, most could do with starting the road to recovery via boosting the immune system, boosting the healthy gut bacteria and combating fatigue.  These can all be improved drastically with ordinary every day supplements which can be purchased in health food shops or online.

A big issue with Lyme is the "Jarisch Herxheimer reaction", more commonly known as a "herx", which occurs approximately once a month to most sufferers. This reaction is caused when a certain amount of the bacteria (aka spirochetes) die off naturally within our bodies.  This process makes us feel unwell, to say the least!  It can feel like our body is literally packing in, breaking down and we can often feel that at this point this might be where we leave this earth, it really is that bad!  It's hard to believe isn't it?   I would sincerely not wish this illness on anyone!  So, during this horrible, often vicious herx reaction, we need to help our body cleanse the toxins the best we can and illiminate them by helping our liver to detox these harmful dead bacteria. 

This site is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice, merely options for those who are completely fed up of living the Lyme life... as I was, and at the time had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER where to turn or who to ask for any kind of help and support.  It was a horrible place to be and still is for thousands of you out there.  I completely understand and hope that I can offer some hope.

Any questions please just ask and happy reading.

Lisa x

Frightening Lyme disease facts:

1 in every 29 ticks in the UK carries Lyme disease. 

Lyme disease is a potentially deadly bacteria caused by a tick bite.

A bullseye rash is indicative of Lyme disease. You have the rash, you have the disease 100%.

Not everyone gets the rash, I didn't.

Lyme disease  is estimated to be the first worldwide epidemic of climate change by 2028.

Lyme disease is estimated to be a bigger epidemic than HIV.

Contrary to popular belief, Lyme disease is very common, it's just more common for it to be misdiagnosed... Could you be living with it?

If caught early enough Lyme disease can be treated successfully with antibiotics by the NHS with a 3 to 12 week course.

If not caught early enough Lyme disease turns into chronic Lyme disease and at this stage is not treated by the NHS.  Unbelievably, most health care proffessionals do not believe in the existence of chronic Lyme disease yet, which is astounding!

There is NO known CURE for chronic Lyme disease worldwide.

Chronic Lyme disease CANNOT be cured full stop! It is with you for the rest of your life! It can be managed and quite successfully sometimes, although not always.  I believe that I am now in remission.

The NHS do NOT provide any medical assistance what-so-ever for chronic Lyme disease sufferers yet. This is something we chronic Lyme disease sufferers are trying to change.  This needs to change as it leaves chronic sufferers in limbo...it's a very cruel fact!

It is estimated that there could be as many as 50,000 new cases of Lyme disease in this country each year. However, with the UK's inadequate testing system only 3,000 cases are being correctly diagnosed. The problem is Lyme disease can also be mistaken for other serious illnesses like Althzeimers, MS, fibromyalgia, ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinsons and more than 350 other diseases.

A bite from a tick can be mistaken for many debilitating and often permanent disabilities, it can even cause death?

Diseased carrying ticks are everywhere in the UK and worldwide now and are having regular nibbles on us and our pets. Sometimes they can be so tiny that they go completely undetected.

Becoming flu like a few days after a bite is quite normal but will to most of us indicate that we have simply caught a virus and that we’ll soon be well.  We simply won’t connect the sudden bout of illness to a tick bite... I mean, why would we? The problem is that we may now be suffering from this bacterial infection from that bite that we may or may not have spotted somewhere on our body. Bit of a nightmare situation could be developing here!

So, what happens next you may ask? We have a virus, or so we think and we'll get better but, not so my friends.  If we were infected with Lyme disease the bacteria is now in our bloodstream and at this point and only this point can we be cured!!! Antibiotcs are now or never! I'm not trying to scare you, just stating facts.

Lyme disease cannot be cured once the bacteria have taken up residence in our organs, our cells and our tissues.  Antibiotics will not touch them there! They will live within the confines of our bodies for the rest of our lives and will most likely reep havoc with our immune systems and cause  untold misery and ill health, possibly even death within the next few years. How do I know? Because I’ve lived through this nightmare and I need to share ny new found knowledge and hopefully offer some hope to fellow sufferers and their families.

Lisa x

So what exactly is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a potentially deadly bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi which is transmitted to humans by a tick bite.

Once in our systems, the bacteria can affect the whole body.

If treated early enough, Lyme disease can sometimes be cured with a 3 - 12 weeks course of antibiotics, however, if left undiagnosed (as I was for 14 years) or untreated there is NO CURE and very little treatment available.

Untreated or undiagnosed Lyme is known as chronic Lyme disease or Late Stage Lyme disease.

I have been a chronic Lyme sufferer now since 2001. People like me usually become their own guinea pigs and/or seek private medical help/treatment (often abroad).

There is NO TREATMENT what-so-ever available on the NHS for chronic Lyme disease.

Life can be unbareable living with the condition and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

"The TickTool"

the best, most precise, re-usabel tick remover for both pets and humans

This website was founded by Lisa Vallo, Lyme disease sufferer and awareness campaigner.